Our Halau

Ka Lei Aloha O Hula is a Hālau Hula dedicated to the perpetuation of traditional Hawaiian Dance, including:

  • Chant and Oli
  • Ancient Hula (Kahiko) including Pre-Monarchy, Monarchy, and Post-Monarchy chants and hulas.
  • Modern Hula ('Auana) primarily in the Hawaiian Language, ranging from classic well-known songs (in Hawai'i), to newer compositions of the talented artists of Hawai'i today.

We honor the memories of the past, the lives and places celebrated in the chants, and the restoration of a culture nearly lost forever.

Our halau includes hula teachers or teachers in training, and all of our dancers are friendly and personable, good with all types of audiences, and always professional. The costumes they wear and the hulas they perform are authentic and traditional, in good taste and respectful of the Hawaiian culture they represent as well as the audience they entertain. For that reason we do not include comedy hulas or "audience participation" in our programs.

Our primary goal is to promote and sustain Hawai'i's valuable oral tradition, where chant and hula told the story and kept the record when there was no written word. We prefer educational venues and are able to present programs on Hawaiian language, culture and history as well as hula performances.

Our secondary goal is to provide an excellent and well-paced performance, where audiences are entertained with beautiful Hawaiian hulas and songs. We adapt our program to the occasion, and enjoy making happy memories for people who are celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

Ka Lei Aloha O Hula
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